Firtst L' Acoustics K3 in Greece

Proshows innovates again! Since June 2022 Proshows is officially the first audiovisual rental company in Greece to own the K3 sound System. 
K3 is the new entry in L' acoustics Family. It is a powerfull Large-format system in a compact size and that makes it one of the most promising products in the events industry.
K3 debuted in Syntagma Square during a large scale event in June 2022.

L' Acoustics Rental Network

Since October 27th 2020 and 7 years after its establishment by Apostolos Nefros, Proshows gets proudly enrolled in the L' Acoustics Rental Network Agents with the KX Standard, being the first Rental Company in Greece with this aknowledgement. 
It is worth noting that Proshows purchased its first L' Acoustics sound system in 2015 and today owns more than 140 speakers,  including Kara Speakers,  A15 Speakers,  SB-18 Subwoofers,  KS-28 Subwoofers and LA12-X Amplifiers, just to name some. 
With our hard work and our state of the art services, we are once again proud of being the first! 

L' Acoustics Honors

Winter 2019 finds ProShows AudioVisual with lots of permanent installations, among which Enastron Night Club made the differece. Sound, Lighting and Video equipment was installed by our professional technical personnel, consisting one of the most complicated gigs of Athens' Nightlife.

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PA of the Day

On January 9th 2020, ProShows was honored by "PA of the Day" for the equipment rental and technical support in the Mabrouk beach club at Patras Greece.

The whole gig was installed on the seaside, using a professional Layher System for the rigging of our equipment, which among others consisted of:

- L' Acoustics Kara Speakers
- L' Acoustics KS28 Subwoofers
- L' Acoustics SB18 Subwoofers
- L' Acoustics Arcs Speakers
- L' Acoustics 115XT HiQ Monitor Speakers
- Midas ProX Mixing Desk & Boxes
- Avid Profile Mixing Desk & Boxes
- Aviom A320 Personal Mixers
- Dage 20R Beam Moving Head Lights
- Dage 7R Beam Moving Head Lights
- Dage LED Wash Moving Lights
- Dicolor P3.9 LED Wall
- High End Systems Hog4 Lighting Desks
- GreenHippo Video Server

We continue our improvement and we are doing our best to get first in the line and serve our customers to the best of our abilities. 

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