A few words about us...

Proshows was founded in 2011 by Apostolos Nefros, under whose ownership remains until now.

During the first period of its business activity, while working in the live concert industry, Proshows has been continuously getting its customer list grown.

During Summer 2015, Proshows makes its first investment in L' Acoustics ® Kara Sound System, proudly getting a member of the L'Acoustics  ® Network. 

In the meantime, the list of the lighting and backline equipment is  continuously growing and the technical support is getting more rigid as more and more technicians join the Proshows Team.

Spring 2018: The first large event video products join our list of equipment, initially with a NovaStar ® LED Wall, which until now has grown to as high as more than 200 sq.m and afterwards with High End Video Servers and all the appropriate accessories, which can now give us the opportunity to provide complete video solutions at any terrain.

It is summer 2018 and the our sales contract with Dage Lighting CO. LTD is promising enough to make us change all of our lighting fixtures list and invest in a steady product at an affordable price, which is supported with a great after sales service. Since then, Proshows has formed a list of more than 250 fixtures. 

 2019: Proshows is the first company in Greece and one of the first companies in Europe to purchase the brand new L'Acoustics ® A15 Wide and A15 Focus loudspeakers. During the same period, the L'Acoustics ® KS-28 Subwoofers become also members of our audio equipment list. Meanwhile, we invest even more in the live concert market, purchasing an Alspaw Ground Support with a Roof Structure, available in many configurations for small and large events. 

It is 2020 and we still go ahead. We work hard and our family is getting bigger, aiming to provide complete solutions in every possible market.